The La Palma Volcano

Los Llanos, Sunday 3 October 2021

Dear friends, divers,

On September 19 at 15:15 a volcano erupted on La Palma! No news for many. This situation makes diving/working impossible for us at the moment. It is not possible to dive on the entire west side. The access road to the east and south sides is only open to necessary traffic. In addition, the air quality cannot be guaranteed, so we do not want to take any risks; we don’t fill bottles. The amount of ash also causes a lot of nuisance over the entire island, which is very bad for the diver and the diving equipment.

We don’t know how long this will take. For now we have to close our doors. Hopefully see you soon and otherwise until….

Joost and Nanneke, Casa de Buceo – duikhuis La Palma