Actual state on La Palma

What we can and what we not can do

Actual state on La Palma

After six months of not being able to dive, we are open again. Although the volcano has ceased, we unfortunately still have to deal with a number of restrictions. This is mainly due to the lava flow that has swallowed a number of access roads.

There are also a number of zones where we are not (yet) allowed to enter. But above all, La Palma is safe and you can spend your holiday here without any worries!

We will take you along to what is possible and what is not possible on La Palma.

About 3% of La Palma is covered with the new lava from the last volcanic eruption. Especially now that the volcano is no longer active, the impact on the island is minimal at the moment. You can go almost anywhere. Also to Las Manchas, for example, or with a big detour. See the map of La Palma. Only the red area is the lava and for the time being not accessible.

  • The new lava flow has blocked some critical access routes. As a result, direct and quick access to the south (Fuencaliente) and to La Bombilla, Puerto Naos, El Remo, Las Manchas and Jedey is no longer possible. To get here you have to make a big detour via the east side of La Palma.
  • This therefore applies to the LP-2, the LP-212, the LP-213 and the road along the coast from Tazacorte.
  • The construction of a road to the South has the highest priority, it will take some time before this 6 km new road is built.
  • You can get quite close to the lava in many places. The famous viewpoint from Tayuja’s church is still a nice place for a good view of the entire area. But you also have a spectacular view from Montaña La Laguna and El Time.
  • The detour via the east side therefore means more travel time. From Los Llanos it is now an hour’s drive to Los Canarios. That was 35 to 40 minutes.
  • The towns along the coast (La Bombilla, Puerto Naos, El Remo,) are not accessible, neither from land nor from sea. The cooling of the lava still causes poor air quality (especially high CO2 levels).
  • The area below is not accessible from the ocean
  • From just below Tazacorte up to the lighthouse is a closed area.
  • As far as we know it is forbidden everywhere to enter the new lava fields, with the risk of a fine between 30,001 and 600,000 euros. However, we were standing in front of a lava field, without any prohibition sign or barrier or anything that would prohibit entry. For now, enter at your own risk.

Construction of new roads

On March 28, 2022, it was decided to build a new road from La Laguna to Las Norias. This road opens up, among other things. La Bombilla and Puerto Naos. A start will be made on 4  April.

It was decided on March 30, 2022 to build a road from Tazacorte to Puerto Naos. This also unlocks, among other things. La Bombilla and Puerto Naos. Construction will start in mid-April and will take 5 months.

Is it safe on La Palma?

Yes, you can enjoy a holiday with peace of mind on La Palma. You can go (almost) anywhere. A short coastal strip from (formerly) Playa Los Guirres to El Remo is not accessible. The new lava is of course not accessible, but can be viewed from quite a few points. The volcano has come to a standstill. And yes, that is spectacular to see!

And what about diving?

So in principle we can dive anywhere! All other roads are open, on La Palma you can go almost everywhere with your car. Except in the closed areas.

So now we mainly dive on the east side and the south. The drive to the south is unfortunately a bit longer but doable. All dive sites that used to do so now also:

East side: Los Cancajos, the Cathedral, La Bajita, El Pozito and Salemeras

South: Fuencaliente, El Faro and Las Cabras

West side: for the west side, the dive sites are only accessible by boat. That is why we will go out by boat on fixed days from April 2022. We then dive on: Charco Verde, Casa Blanca, Puerto Naos South, Puerto Naos North, La Bombilla, Cueva del Diablo, Cueva de Agua Dulce and a few other dive sites.

Diving on the new lava delta, is that possible?

Not yet, and when, no one knows. Due to the poor air quality, we can’t get close to the new lava delta yet. As soon as we can, we will be the first to explore and discover this area.

We will of course keep you informed!

And further?

Furthermore, you can really do everything on La Palma. Almost all walks are open (except the volcano route), everything is just finished and everyone is eager for tourists. By coming you help La Palma! Clearing the ashes, building roads will take a long time, maybe years. Waiting for that makes no sense, because you can really do everything on La Palma!