Tauchbasis zu verkaufen!

    Diese Tauchbasis ist ein absolutes Juwel! Wenn Sie es betreten, hat es wirklich diesen Wow-Faktor! Der Ort ist riesig und hat endlose Möglichkeiten.

    Dies ist eine einzigartige Gelegenheit für diejenigen, die ein bestehendes Unternehmen übernehmen möchten, mit der Möglichkeit, in eine der Top-Locations in Los Llanos und La Palma zu expandieren. Eine Tauchbasis, eine Bar, ein Restaurant, die Organisation von (Privat-)Partys, kleine Konzerten (drinnen/draußen), DJ-Sets usw. Die Chancen stehen gut und können von denen ergriffen werden, die Lust haben, etwas Besonderes zu bauen.

    Für das Tauchen ist es aufgrund seiner zentralen Lage auf La Palma ein einzigartiger Ort. Die meisten und besten Tauchplätze sind vom Ufer aus erreichbar und durch diese zentrale Lage einfach zu erreichen.

    Wir sind auch in der Nähe des Hafens von Tazacorte, von wo aus Bootsfahrten organisiert werden. Dies ist auch ein einzigartiges Erlebnis mit Blick auf den neuen Vulkan, die neuen Lavadeltas und spezielle Höhlentauchplätze: La Cueva del Diablo, Cueva de Aqua Dulce und Cueva Colorada.

    Zögern Sie nicht, uns für weitere Informationen zu kontaktieren: hola@casadebuceo.nl

    Preis: 155.000 €

    La Palma

    La Palma, La Isla Bonita is the greenest island of the Canary Islands. With its moderate temperatures throughout the year, scuba diving is possible the whole 12 months. Water temperatures go from 19 (February) to 25 (September)degrees.

    La Palma is the Island of the eternal spring, perfect for outdoor activities all year round. Most guests come here for hiking. Other activities are for example dolphins and whale-spotting, mountain biking and stargazing.

    Scuba Diving on La Palma is all about shore diving, from the coast. Boat diving is also possible but not throughout the year. Shore diving is possible around the island, on the west coast, east coast and the southern part of La Palma. The northern part is a bit further away and conditions can be rough, so normally we do not dive there.

    La Palma is still a very authentic island and cannot be compared with the other big islands like Tenerife and Gran Canaria. There is no mass tourism and that will stay that way. Do not look for abundant nightlife or white beaches. You will be a part of the local life on this island.

    About Scuba Diving on La Palma

    More information about scuba diving on La Palma can be found on this website. We also have a lot of videos and photos. Here is also a link to our divespots and a fishfinder.

    At the moment we are also building a website with an online booking system for boat diving, but also suitbale for shorediving: https://lava-diving-lapalma.com/en/

    LaPalma Malpique ElFaro 1

    Los Llanos

    Los Llanos is the most vibrant town of La Palma, with all the things you need. Shops, loads of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and a cosy small town centre. The Dive Centre is just a stone’s throw away from the Plaza de España, it is really in the middle of Los Llanos.

    For us, as a dive centre it has been the been the perfect place to deploy our business. It is the most central place of the island. For are bar/cafeteria (small restaurant) it is also a A+ location, with its “solar” (a terrace surrounded by walls), the possibilities are endless. We concentrated our business only on Scuba diving activities, the bar is a plus for our divers to enjoy a beer or coffee on our big terrace.

    The new volcano

    The new volcano has made life quite complicated the last half year and infrastructures are not completely recovered from it. But that is a matter of time. Between now (April 2022) and a half year the most important roads will be recovered, which means that the shortest access to Puerto Naos, La Bombilla and the south will be restored. The south and these village are still accessible but it takes longer to get there.

    Casa de Buceo

    Scuba diving on La Palma is all about unique lava landscapes and a great biodiversity. The new lava deltas are ready to be explored. Which makes it even more unique. Dive spots are very diverse and are all easily accessible from the shore. Where you can dive depends on the conditions. There is always a good spot for diving all around the year.

    The dive centre is also close to the harbour of Tazacorte. This is the best place to extend your opportunities as a dive centre. This makes scuba diving near the new Lavadeltas possible and it is close to the Marine Reserve where scuba diving is only allowed by boat. We also offer boatdiving for which we charter a boat 2 times a week.

    The Dive centre is a turnkey business. Everything is there to start your business from day 1. This also counts for the bar/cafeteria because it has all its licences.

    We founded the Dive Centre in 2008. We started as a very small DC on another location and are now for 5 years in our new location. The last 7 years have been very profitable for us.

    At the moment we do not have any employees under contract, we run the dive centre with the 2 of us, which is for now enough. During the season from June to November, we have been running the dive centre with 2 to 4 extra employees.


    Due to our success of running this Dive Centre we have a lot of recurrent visitors. Most visitors come from The Netherlands and Germany. But also from Spain (mainland) and the Canary Islands. Some visitors come from Belgium, UK and France.

    We have started and have been running this DC with great joy. Our job is done here. We are going back to the Netherlands because of family and new great job opportunities.

    The Dive Centre and Bar/Cafetaria are sold in one deal. They cannot be sold separately.

    Installations, equipment and paperwork

    Paperwork / Licenses / Contracts

    • License Intermediador Turístico – Gobierno de Canarias
    • License Turismo Activo – Gobierno de Canarias
    • Licenses for Bar/Cafeteria (BC)
    • Licenses “Industria” (Official licenses to fill tanks)
    • Contract Hiperbaric chamber
    • Contract with a MD
    • Contract boat (Barco de Apoyo)

    Websites and domain names

    • Casadebuceo.nl
    • Casadebuceo.com
    • Duiken-la-palma.com
    • Diving-la-palma.com
    • Tauchen-la-palma.com
    • Buceo-en-la-palma.com
    • Lava-diving-lapalma.com

    Reviews and reviewplatforms

    • Trip Advisor +200 5*
    • Google +70 5*
    • Facebook +170 5,0

    Audio and TV

    • Bose soundsystem with 8 speakers
    • 2 * amplifiers
    • 2 * loudspeakers 250w
    • Simple mixing console
    • Television 32 inch Samsung

    Bar equipment

    • Professional Coffee machine, 2 heads
    • Fridge small
    • Wine Cooler
    • Professional fridge, big, stainless steel
    • Freezer, big
    • 2 x Fridges for beverages, big
    • 2 x deep fryers
    • Dishwasher (small, small defect)
    • Dishwasher (normal)
    • Professional ice-cubes making machine
    • Microwave
    • Electric stove
    • Electric oven
    • 2 x Extractor hoods
    • Baking plate / grill
    • Great diversity of cutlery, crockery and glassware, pots and pans
    • Stainless steel sink
    • 3 x Stainless steel tables
    • Cupboards
    • Tables and chairs, inside and outside (terrace)

    Interior of the Dive Centre / Bar

    This old building is completely renovated in 2009/2010. Since then it has been a Cocktail bar (Arkham), a bar/restaurant (Dementa) and until now the Dive Centre (Casa de Buceo) and for a short time a bar/restaurant (Mar de Calma).

    It has a complete surface of about 142 m2. Complete new electricity, 2 x air-conditioning (1 defect, 1 working), bathrooms for men and women and a private one. It also has telephone connection and fiber optic connection (600MB). The building is rented.


    The terrace has a surface of 220 m2. It is completely surrounded by walls and has a big door for cars to enter and a small normal one. It is not due to any licenses (concerning terrace licenses), so this has endless opportunities, like private parties etc. The private free parking in the middle of Los Llanos is a tremendous great benefit, also for guest to park there for a short term. The terrace is rented.

    Dive Centre equipment


    • Pickup Mitsubishi L200, 2016


    • Coltri Minisilent MCH16, year 2008, 225 bars, including all paperwork/certificates, according Canary law for filling stations. Certified filling cage. Completely revised in March 2022.

    Tanks, all steel

    • 10 x 10L
    • 11 x 12L Long
    • 12 x 12L Short
    • 2 x 15L

    All tanks come with their mandatory certificates.


    • 8 x MK11 (2022)
    • 2 x MK2 (2020)
    • 10 x MK11 (old)


    • 15 x Beuchat and SEAC from XXS to XL


    • 31 x Wetsuits, mostly NEW WATERPROOF 8mm (W80), 4 x SCUBAPRO ONEFLEX 5mm, some WATERPROOF W6, 7mm, one WATERPROOF W1 7mm
    • Sizes from 34 XS (Ladies) to 62/4XL (Men)
    • Also a lot of old WATERPROOF W6, 7mm


    • 22 Pairs of 6.5 mm ScubaPro heavy Duty , mostly new.
    • 7 x pairs, older, also rare sizes (34, 51), BARE, Aqualung, Beuchat, Scubaqua


    • Lots of models, also for selling.


    • Mares Avanti-3 and SEAC, Sizes from XS to XXL


    • 1 kg, 2 kg and 3kg blocks
    • Weightbelts


    • Tools, spare-parts, hoses, active Carbon, molecular sieve, oil, filts, ultrasonic cleaner, etc etc